My balls kept getting stuck in the hole in my running shorts compression shorts

I sent this letter to ASICS today:


I bought a pair of running shorts last year with built in compression shorts, and well, there’s a big hole in the compression part of the shorts now. This is an especially big problem as my balls end up inside this hole, hold the laughter if you can, and its really uncomfortable! 
I dont know about you, but when I spend $45 on a pair of shorts I expect them to last. I know we’re at this made-in-china phase in America where nothing is expected to last, and having to replace products is the norm, but I personally find that to be BS, with the exception of obvious things (like running shoes).
So if you can help me out, with a replacement, that would be fantastic.
Let’s see what they say.

Sunglasses indoors, the Coca-Cola emblem of douchebag?

Those of us who wear prescription sunglasses.

Anyone with prescription sunglasses know what a pain in the ass it is to carry your glasses AND sunglasses with you. This is usually accomplished by either wearing one in your shirt, shirt pocket, or taking a case with you. And the case is a total pain in the ass if you’re a man because you have to hold it in your hand, unless its small enough to fit in your pocket. I have yet to find a case that is sturdy, fits sunglasses in it (usually curved), AND fits in your pocket.

Having a wife or girlfriend is useful in this respect as you can put it in their purse (if the purse is large enough).

Now all that being said, sometimes you leave the house with just your sunglasses like say if you’re walking to trader joes like I sometimes do. I do this because carrying your regular glasses in your shirt (my preferred method if I don’t have a backpack or women with a purse on me) is not optimal. Carry glasses in the shirt makes them vulnerable to getting dirty, getting dropped (and stepped on), and impact from bumping into people or other various ways impact can come to your glasses. So in this case I will sometimes leave my sunglasses ON while in trader joes so I can see. People might see it as douche bagger, but hey, what are you gonna do – not see.

The only option of course is to carry your glasses with you and sometimes I just opt for being perceived as a douche rather than deal with the inconvenience. And sometimes I like the anonymity that comes with people not being able to see my eyes, but thats a secondary benefit.